Three-Minute Horror Film – “You’re a Germ” by Wolf Alice

This post first appeared in District of Wonders – Newsletter, Tuesday 1st December 2015

I recently stumbled upon a music video that doubles as one of the best short horror films I’ve ever seen. “You’re a Germ” starts with the members of the English band Wolf Alice sitting around in front of a fireplace, drinking wine and laughing hysterically. Mysteriously, a small amount of blood drips onto lead singer Ellie Rowsell ’s hand while the other band members continue to laugh. As Ellie looks around wonderingly, an ax suddenly smashes through the front door as the music becomes more dramatic.

The remainder is difficult to adequately describe without giving away the rest of the video, but it explores some common horror themes in a short and entertaining way, and the song “You’re a Germ” is the perfect soundtrack. This video made me an instant fan.

It’s unsurprising that the band would turn one of their music videos into a short horror film as their name is taken from an Angela Carter short story which features a feral child and a vampiric duke. Wolf Alice’s self-described sound is “rocky pop,” but there are definite elements of folk and grunge as well. After “You’re a Germ” finished playing, I let YouTube provide me with further evidence of Wolf Alice’s magnificence, and I was impressed with every song and video that they have. Their video for the song “Moaning Lisa Smile” includes the male band members performing in drag, and I found “She” and “Blush,” which explore gender dysphoria, to be particularly moving.

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