Favorite Podcasts & Magazines

Most of the content linked below is free, but I highly recommend lending financial support if you are able to help pay authors and cover costs.

The District of Wonders – Podcasts

I’m currently the submissions editor over at Tales to Terrify, so I’m certainly biased, but along with StarShipSofa for sci-fi and Far Fetched Fables for fantasy, we air some great speculative fiction stories on our audio magazines for free. We also have some great nonfiction on the podcasts as well.

We are currently all volunteers–authors, narrators, editors and other contributors–but our next Patreon goal will help us begin to pay our authors.

Escape Artists – Podcasts & Magazine

I’d like to credit Escape Pod with getting me into podcasts and reigniting my love of speculative fiction. They have provided so many good stories for so many years for free, and I could not recommend them more. Escape Pod posts the texts of the stories on their website, but Pseudopod and Podcastle are only available in audio.

Escape Pod (science fiction)
Pseudopod (horror)
Podcastle (fantasy)

Mothership Zeta – e-magazine from EA covering the gamut of speculative fiction, some free content

Other Great Podcasts & Magazines

The Drabblecast (weird speculative fiction podcast & online magazine)
GlitterShip (LGBT speculative fiction podcast & online magazine)
Toasted Cake (speculative flash fiction podcast – on hiatus) http://only

Limetown – podcast styled like a public radio show about a town whose citizens have disappeared
Welcome to Night Vale – podcast styled like a community radio broadcast in a creepy town

Clarkesworld (science fiction & fantasy) – magazine edited by Neil Clarke, podcast hosted and narrated by Kate Baker
Lightspeed (science fiction & fantasy) – magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, podcast produced by Skyboat Media
Nightmare (horror) – magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, podcast produced by Skyboat Media

Daily Science Fiction – speculative flash fiction online magazine [text only]

Favorite Non-Fiction Podcasts

Best of the Left – showcase of progressive talk radio
Food for Thought – living compassionately (vegan)
Humorless Queers – covering wall street & surveillance
Street Fight Radio – anarchist comedy

Our Hen House – vegan news, reviews & interviews
Animal Law – offshoot of Our Hen House covering legal issues